Want to learn more about your child’s dental care, like when they should start seeing a dentist or what to expect during a first visit? Check out our FAQs. 

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Your child’s dental health affects the development of their teeth and jaw, as well as their overall wellness. Making sure that they receive proper dental care and learn good oral hygiene habits will help them to grow up healthy and avoid unpleasant (and expensive) dental problems along the way.

We suggest starting to care for your child’s oral health at birth, by cleaning their gums with warm water and a soft cloth. Once their baby teeth appear, you can begin brushing (and start flossing as well once enough teeth have grown in). Ideally, your child will learn to take care of their teeth themselves as soon as possible, so that they can start feeling responsible for their own oral hygiene.

We recommend scheduling your child for their first dental exam by the time of their first birthday, and making regular follow-up appointments every six months or so.

A first dental visit is meant to be relaxed and comfortable. Typically, your child will meet the dentist, get a short oral health exam (including x-rays), and get acquainted with the idea of receiving regular dental checkups. We want to make sure that you both feel good about your child’s dental care!

This is totally normal! Our whole team works hard to create a friendly, safe, welcoming atmosphere so that your child has a more relaxed experience. Before a visit, we also suggest talking with your child, asking them to share why they feel uncomfortable, and explaining how dental care will help them feel better in the long run. If your child continues to experience anxiety to the point where it is getting in the way of good oral health, we can also offer safe dental sedation.

Teething can be difficult for your child (and for you!). We recommend trying tools such as a teething biscuit or a teething ring to help your child feel more comfortable.

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