Advanced Technology

Meet the Latest in Dental Technology

At Smile Shoppe Pediatric Dentistry, we incorporate advanced or cutting-edge dental technology (including laser dentistry!) into our everyday treatments so that your child can have a better visit and a healthier smile. Take a look at some of what we have to offer!


In order to catch cavities in your child’s teeth as soon as possible, we use DIAGNOdent. This is a system of noninvasive lasers that can identify signs of tooth decay earlier and more effectively than we can during a traditional dental exam, including hidden decay that a visual assessment may miss entirely. DIAGNOdent scans are completely painless and will help keep your child’s teeth in great condition. 


Whenever possible, we incorporate laser dentistry techniques like WaterLase into our treatments. With WaterLase, we use a laser to help perform procedures like filling a tooth or removing decay or even conduct oral surgeries like a frenectomy to treat tongue or lip tie. WaterLase is more accurate and comfortable than traditional dental techniques, so your child will enjoy a safer, less painful, and more pleasant experience.


What if your child could avoid having to wear braces? With Myobrace, we can make that happen. Myobrace is what’s called a preventative, pre-orthodontic treatment — a system that can address the root causes of crooked teeth before they happen by correcting poor oral habits and helping your child’s jaw grow to the proper width. Children who start Myobrace at a young age may never need braces at all!

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