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Sedation for Kids – Easing Anxiety During a Dental Visit

Sedated child laying on dental mat with woman doing dental examMany children are usually anxious about dental visits, especially if they had a bad experience during the first time. The anxiety, combined with the discomfort and pain caused by invasive procedures such as pulpotomy, oral surgery, and tooth extraction can lead to a very unpleasant and unbearable dental session for your kid. Fortunately, it is possible to put your child at ease and protect them from the pain some procedures can cause using sedation. At Smile Shoppe Pediatric Dentistry, we offer several sedation solutions for kids, which guarantee a comfortable, pain-free, and safe session during various dental procedures.

Why Is Sedation for Kids Important?

Sedation plays a very important role in the dental health of the kids.
•  It eliminates anxiety, which can help to diminish fear during future dental visits.
•  It relaxes your child, allowing them to still during a dental procedure. As a result, the dental procedure is carried out much faster.
•  It numbs your child, thus protecting them from the pain and discomfort a procedure can cause.
•  Sedation can also be very helpful if your child has a gag reflex, due to the insertion of dental equipment in their mouth.

Types of Sedation Option

There are several types of sedation options that are available for your kids during a dental examination. They can be classified into various categories based on the method of administration: oral, inhalation, or injection. Below is a look at the various sedation options that are available for your child during a dental visit:
•  General Anesthesia –
•  general anesthesia is a sedation technique that involves putting your child into a deep sedation state (unconscious). It is an option that is reserved for an extensive dental procedure. It is also a preferred sedation technique for children who are extremely fearful of dental visits or suffer from uncontrollable movements or those who have problems following instructions during a procedure.
•  Nitrous Oxide Sedation –
•  nitrous sedation involves the use of nitrous oxide gas, also known as the laughing gas. It creates a euphoric effect, which helps to relax your child while numbing them to the pain. Unlike general anesthesia, nitrous sedation does not lead to unconsciousness.
•  Oral sedation –
•  oral sedation involves the administration of a sedative agent through the mouth, a technique that is reserved for children who are squeamish about needles. Depending on the type of sedative offered, oral sedation can be mild (not resulting in unconsciousness) or deep.

Is Sedation for Kids Safe?

As a parent, worrying about your child’s safety is a valid concern, which is why it would be understandable to be uneasy about the thought of them being sedated. Sedation for kids is, however, a safe procedure as it involves the use of safe and approved sedative agents. Your child is also closely monitored during the dental procedure, which helps to prevent the occurrence of problems such as over or under sedation.

Is your child anxious about dental visits? We, at Smile Shoppe Pediatric Dentistry, can help to put them at ease during a dental procedure through sedation. Call us today at 470-876-8883 to learn more about sedation options that are available.

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