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Pediatric Orthodontist in Rogers, Springdale, and Bentonville

We proudly offer orthodontics to children of all ages. We are committed to providing specialized dental care and preventative dentistry for infants to teens. As your child grows, we know it is important to monitor the growth and development of your child’s smile.

At each appointment, we will evaluate your child’s face, teeth, and bite to ensure proper growth. Early detection of bite problems can help prevent speech impediments, aid chewing and digestion, and enhance your child’s appearance. Some problems are easy to correct at young age, which can reduce more severe problems down the road.

In addition, we can also provide comprehensive orthodontic treatment such as braces or Invisalign®. Regular checkups will help us to identify the perfect time to begin treatment for your child.

Diagnostic Records

We will set up an appointment for diagnostic records if we decide that your child needs orthodontic treatment. Typically, this includes diagnostic photos, x-rays, and models. Then, Dr. Rhodes will review these records and determine a specific treatment plan for your child. Our office will call you to review the treatment plan, set up appointments to see our pediatric orthodontist, and make financial arrangements for you.

Successive Visits

Periodic visits are an important part of treatment. You will need to make an appointment every four to eight weeks. At each visit, we will monitor your child’s progress and adjust their braces. In between visits, make sure your child follows our instructions, eats healthy foods, and practices good oral hygiene.

When we remove your child’s braces, we will provide retainers. Retainers help the teeth stay in their new positions. This retention period is important to your child’s treatment. Without retainers, teeth can move back to their original positions. This may result in your child needing more treatment – incurring additional costs.

Treatment Duration

Your child may wear braces for six to 30 months or longer. The amount of time depends on the treatment needed. Every case is different. Treatment duration depends on age, severity of the issue, patient cooperation, and how much teeth need to move.

Dental Care

Before starting treatment, we will treat any cavities and check the health of the gums and bones. Throughout treatment, it is important to continue to schedule regular dental appointments.

If you have any questions, please contact our office. We can schedule an orthodontic consultation to better understand your child's needs.

We specialize in pediatric dentistry and love working with children! At Smile Shoppe Pediatric Dentistry, we believe in prevention and dental education.

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