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A child's first visit to Smile Shoppe Pediatric Dentistry matters. Maybe this is their first ever dental visit, or they have a specialized dental need. Perhaps they have even had an unpleasant experience somewhere else. We are here to compassionately address your child's needs. You can take comfort in knowing that our team will treat each patient with the utmost care.

Little girl getting dental exam at Smile Shoppe Pediatric Dentistry It can be helpful to understand what will happen at a visit to the dentist's office. We will address emergencies first. If your child is in pain, we will do everything possible to alleviate or eliminate their discomfort. If there are no specific problems requiring immediate attention, we will begin a routine dental examination.

These exams include close inspection of your child's mouth (including their cheeks, lips, tongue, floor of mouth, tonsil area as well as hard and soft palate). We also check the growth and development of the head, teeth and gums. Your child will receive a thorough cleaning and topical fluoride treatment, and we will administer x-rays as needed. We will also evaluate any habits such as thumb-sucking or lip biting that may hinder or harm the development of teeth. After we have completed our initial examination, we will discuss the results and make recommendations about any follow up treatment.

We work hard to try and make your child's first visit with us as easy and enjoyable as possible! It is our goal to dispel any fears or anxiety and leave them looking forward to their next visit to Smile Shoppe Pediatric Dentistry.

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