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Tongue & Lip Tie Consultation*

*Ages 2 & Under

Does your child have trouble speaking or show signs of heavy mouth breathing? Is your infant struggling to gain weight or nurse properly? This could be caused by a common condition called tongue tie or lip tie that restricts the normal movement of your child’s mouth and can create a host of symptoms ranging from poor latching in babies to difficulty speaking and chewing, insufficient jaw growth, impacted sleep, or orofacial dysfunction (like poor nasal breathing) in older children and teens.

Fortunately, tongue or lip tie is simple to treat. Using surgical-grade lasers, which typically eliminate the need for local anesthetic or stitches, we can perform a procedure called a frenectomy to release the frenum, or the tissue that connects your child’s gums and lips. This procedure only takes about 10 minutes but provides lifelong health benefits.

If you notice your child is showing signs of tongue or lip tie, schedule a consultation with our expert team in Fayetteville, AR. We’ll give your child a thorough evaluation and make whatever treatment recommendations are appropriate. Call today or book online to get started!

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What People Are Saying

We had a great experience at this dental office! The team is very friendly and the office is clean. The hygienist was gentle when cleaning my toddler's teeth and allowed my kid to be involved in the process so as to calm her nerves. The dentist was welcoming and gave me some great info regarding teeth health and development as he did the examination. We were in-and-out of the office quickly. We highly recommend!
Jordan N..
They were beyond great with my daughter in making her feel comfortable and confident. Will definitely be going back and I highly recommend taking your kids here.
Haley A.
Very impressed with this dentist. Wonderful team! All three of my kids were seen in a very timely manner.
Shannon H.
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