Pediatric Dentistry

Looking for a place where your child can receive great dental care in an environment where you both feel at home? Meet Smile Shoppe Pediatric Dentistry in Fayetteville, AR! We’re proud to provide not just outstanding dental work but a friendly, compassionate space and a team built on values like honesty, integrity, and community spirit. Plus, we take a cutting-edge approach to dentistry, incorporating lasers and advanced diagnostics into our treatments to replace old-fashioned, less comfortable techniques wherever possible.

Your child will love our friendly and playful attitude — and you’ll love seeing their smile shine brighter than ever. To get started, give us a call or book an appointment online today!

Cleanings & Exams

We recommend bringing your child in for a dental exam and cleaning once every six months starting around the time of their first birthday. During each visit, we’ll conduct a thorough oral health exam to evaluate how their teeth are coming in, check for cavities or decay, and give each tooth a professional cleaning to remove plaque and tartar that won’t come off during regular brushing at home.

Dental Crowns

If your child has a damaged tooth, we can fix it with a crown. Typically made from stainless steel, a crown is like a little hat that fits over your child’s existing tooth structure to provide protection and restore their ability to use the tooth again. For a more esthetic option, we also offer Zirconia crowns that blend in seamlessly with your child’s existing teeth and can last for a decade or more with proper care.


A filling is a procedure to restore a tooth that has been damaged by a cavity. Using our advanced laser DIAGNOdent system, we can find and fill cavities almost as soon as they first appear, preventing additional harm to your child’s tooth structure and preventing infection or further decay.  


If a tooth is too heavily damaged to be repaired with a simple filling, we can perform a pulpotomy, also known as a baby nerve treatment. During a pulpotomy, your child’s dentist will gently remove the soft tissue or pulp from inside the damaged tooth, pack it full of dental filler material, and cap it with a filling or a crown, eliminating any infection and restoring the tooth to healthy function. Fun fact: Did you know that the dental filler contains an essential oil and was discovered by the ancient Egyptians?

Tooth Extractions

Once a tooth has decayed past the point of repair, we recommend doing an extraction to take it out and relieve your child’s discomfort. During an extraction procedure, while working as gently as possible, your child’s dentist will remove the damaged tooth to prevent additional pain or infection. When we take out a baby tooth, we will also place a space maintainer to hold the spot for the developing adult tooth and can even offer a pediatric partial denture to restore your child’s appearance.


We recommend that your child receive a fluoride treatment every six months or so, typically during their regular preventative cleaning and exam visit. Fluoride can help strengthen the protective enamel coating on the outside of your child’s teeth, which helps to prevent cavities and preserve the natural structure of each tooth.


For teeth with hard-to-brush nooks and crannies, we often recommend using sealants. A sealant is a thin layer of plastic resin that your child’s dentist will use to cover microscopic pits and grooves on a tooth that a toothbrush can’t easily reach, forming a protective layer that keeps bacteria out and prevents decay.

Tongue and Lip Tie Correction

Tongue or lip tie is a common condition that can affect your child’s ability to nurse, speak, or chew properly, and can also lead to additional health problems. Using our advanced laser WaterLase system, we can perform a simple frenectomy to treat tongue or lip tie. The procedure takes less than ten minutes but will give your child a lifetime of health benefits!

Emergency Dentistry

If your child is having a dental emergency, like pain, discomfort, or damage to a tooth, don’t wait. Contact us now and we’ll fit you in as soon as possible so that one of our expert dentists can perform a thorough emergency exam and get started on treatment right away. 

Oral Health Education

What is the key to oral health? Understanding how to take care of your teeth! We’ll provide you and your child with comprehensive, ongoing oral health education so that they grow up knowing how to keep their pearly whites smiling bright! Say that three times fast.

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